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Sober Rabbit | March 3, 2023 "Carting It Around"

After a disastrous grocery delivery and a minor meltdown, Rabbit decides to take matters into their own hands (paws?) and just go pick up some things in person. Just a few things. It'll be easy, right? Just a quick visit to (as grandpa says) "thee Jools."

Rabbit walks on a broken concrete sidewalk, alongside a fence with caution tape around it,  carrying their fold-up cane. Rabbit has a slightly worried expression. Above their head, a thought bubble includes several groceries they're thinking of - some carrots, some nuts, two avocados, a Jarrito bottle, and -- the bubble pops to reveal a bear who is sneezing and with him, bringing a giant COVID-19 germ with it. Behind the bear, his little bear cub is blowing his nose. "No no no, we're okay," Rabbit says to themself, popping the thought bubble. They sigh. Rabbit is now standing on the border of a parking lot of a grocery store. In the distance, the sign Jewell's is visible. There are a few cars in the parking lot. One has a Jesus fish emblem and a "I Love Baseball" sticker. Another has a sticker that just says "Racism." Rabbit thinks about their own safety inventory: a N95 mask, two bottles of hand sanitizer and a pair of latex gloves, probably to make themself feel better. "Just a few things. In'n out... Easy," they say aloud. Inside the store, Rabbit stands frozen on the perimeter, with their back to us. They are using the cane now and lift the right paw (which has neuropathy) up. Text pointing to different parts of their body show their tension; near their foot, it says "painful despite multiple meds," and near their cane "restrictive" and around their mask "holding mask" and near their head "filled with worry." This diagram shows their discomfort being in the packed grocery store. In the distance, various animals are being noisy, as demonstrated by lines of emphasis. A lizard argues with a teller about money. An armadillo yells at her kid who is throwing a tantrum on the floor. A wet floor sign covers up what might be pee or blood. A dog stands fairly close to Rabbit, picking his nose. It's a frightful scene, rendered all in red, contrasting Rabbit's white coat. Yikes!

What do we think of this new format? Any suggestions about navigating or reading or alt text? I'd love to know. Write me!

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