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Whitney W. (they/them) is a cartoonist and comedian from Arkansas who now lives in Chicago, Illinois.


Pre-COVID, they performed weekly in Chicago and at bars, clubs, and festivals across the country. They also produced and hosted a range of popular standup showcases. Their shows have been profiled in Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, Scapi Magazine, RedEye Chicago, Rebellious Magazine for Women, and even got a cool mention in HuffPost.


They draw the thrice weekly webcomic about recovery called Sober Rabbit. Their coloring pages have appeared in Chicago Reader's Coloring Book and eFort Smith Magazine's Landmarks Coloring Book. Online, their comics and art have been featured on Weekly Humorist.com, Comedy Gazelle.com, and MedicalBag.com Their Patreon offers bonus Sober Rabbit comics, coloring pages, special discounts in their online stores and more.

Whitney continues to freelance illustration, graphic design, audio transcription, web design, dramaturgy, marketing, and more.