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Whitney Wasson (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and performer, originally from Fort Smith, Arkansas.

A standup comedian who produced a slew of shows, performed at dozens of comedy festivals across the country, and made thirties of dollars, Whitney got hit at a crosswalk by a distracted driver at the end of 2019. They then became a sitdown comedian and then a stay-at-home comedian during 2020.


They're now mostly a cartoonist. They write and draw Sober RabbitTheir art and comics have been featured in Chicago Reader, Weekly Humorist and various blogs and websites. They've created art for festivals, live events, feature films, comedy albums and even a few tattoos.

Here are some other facts: they are a non-binary queer person, married to a fellow artist and cinephile, a newly minted member of the chronic pain gang, and a freelancer. They write, design, and manage social media for several local orgs, primarily in the arts and humanities field.

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