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Hi. I'm Whitney W. I use they/them pronouns. I'm from Arkansas but live in Chicago. Other adjectives: queer, non-binary, sober, rowdy, pleasant.

Pre-COVID, I was a working standup comedian. I performed weekly in Chicago and all over the country. I also produced and hosted a range of popular standup showcases. My past shows have been profiled in Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, Scapi Magazine, RedEye Chicago, Rebellious Magazine for Women, and even got a cool mention in HuffPost, among others. I currently do online shows from time to time but am on hiatus from producing and in-person performing.

In 2019, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. It was a fluke thing that's changed my life. I'm still recovering from that. If you'd like to learn more about what that was like, check out my recent podcast appearancesDue to the diminished mobility and then the pandemic, I've shifted my focus back to my first love: the visual arts. I draw a webcomic about recovery called Sober Rabbit. I recommend reading it on Instagram, because swiping is pleasing. I'm proud to have hundreds of readers across the globe who enjoy my comic about a stubborn little alcoholic rabbit! I sell cute stuff related to the comic, so check out my LinkTree link for links to all of my stores.

My coloring pages have appeared in Chicago Reader's Coloring Book and eFort Smith Magazine's Landmarks Coloring Book. Online, my comics and illustrations have been featured on Weekly Humorist.com, Comedy Gazelle.com, and MedicalBag.com, among others. My Patreon offers bonus Sober Rabbit comics, coloring pages, special discounts in my online stores and more.

I also freelance illustration, merch design, audio transcription, copywriting and editing, and more.