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Chicago Reader | Interview with Jonah Nink


"'Since I was a little kid, I’ve been drawing rabbits,' said Whitney Wasson.

The Chicago-based comics artist and comedian said that rabbits are cute and easy to draw, which were two ideal qualities for their early childhood doodles.


'[The drawing] could be terrible, but as long as you [make] long rabbit ears it reads as a rabbit,' Wasson said. 'You can draw a rabbit very cute or you can make them deranged because of the way their noses and teeth look.'

It was a similar schadenfreude of sending a cutesy bunny through the ringer that partially inspired Wasson’s web comic, Sober Rabbit.

'I did a drawing of a rabbit hungover on the toilet throwing up. That drawing is sort of what started the comic.'"

No Proof Podcast with Joshua Gandee.png

no proof with Joshua Gandee Podcast


I had a great time talking with Columbus-basednon-alcoholic beverage profesh (and former comedian) Joshua Gandee talking about Sober Rabbit and the American obsession with drinking booze.

This Is Your Afterlife with Dave Maher Podcast


"Sobriety doesn't stop standup and comic book artist Whitney Wasson (Sober Rabbit) from wanting heaven to be a cool house party with performances from Elliott Smith whenever HE feels comfortable. Whitney is a sensitive, funny, deep-thinking artist, and this conversation is full of gems about addiction, relationships, art, expectations, mental illness, and more and more and more."

This Is Your Afterlife with Dave Maher.png
A is for Alcoholic Podcast

A is for Alcoholic Podcast


I talked with John about making comics, creativity and sobriety, and more! John's got such a soothing voice that I bet you'll wanna listen to more of these. They've also got hundreds of episodes about recovery topics, so consider liking and subscribing, for real!

This Is Not Advice with Erin Conlon | Podcast


I talked with my friend Erin Conlon -- Executive Life Coach, Recovering Lawyer, Comedian, and Entrepreneur -- about what's next for Sober Rabbit, the pandemic, and success (or lack thereof)! Erin's podcast is super positive and funny and I loved talking with her! 

This Is Not Advice.jpg

12 Questions Podcast | Podcast


I talked with my buds Dave Yates and Anna Valenzuela on their EXCELLENT podcast about recovery. We talk about grief, comedy, etc. Subscribe if you want to hear more people (sober and not) talk about living healthier lives.

A Quick Chat with the Unemployed Alcoholic | Podcast


July, 2020: I talked with Aaron Sorrels about sobriety, living in Chicago during a pandemic, and my goals for this cursed year.

Cody Talks to Strangers | Podcast


June, 2020: I talked to Cody Bear in Memphis about Chicago weather, the Memphis comedy scene and entitled rats.

Radio One Chicago presents Live From The Lair | Podcast


February 2020: Pat and Jeannine interviewed me about getting sober, comedy in Chicago, Sober Rabbit, and more.



Serenity Now! creates a sober space for performers in a booze-filled industry 

 Brianna Wellen / Chicago Reader

Stand-up Whitney Wasson wanted to create a healthier environment for people in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.


Recovering Space: Five Ways to be Inclusive of Sober Theater Artists 

Em Haverty / Scapi Magazine


"Comic Whitney Wasson has taken to creating a sober performance space by producing the variety show SERENITY NOW! at The Crowd Theater. 

Recovering Space: Five Things Sober Theater Artists Wish They Knew Earlier On 

Em Haverty / Scapi Magazine


"Wasson’s completely-sober variety show SERENITY NOW gives space for performers in recovery in a non-bar setting."


Strip Joker encourages body positivity through comedy and nudity

Brianna Wellen

Comedians talk about their bodies while showing as much (or as little) as they like during the stand-up showcase.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 2.06.00 PM.png

Strip Joker: Comedy and Nudity for Body Positivity | Jera Brown

Comedians talk about their bodies while showing as much (or as little) as they like during the stand-up showcase.

Meet Whitney Wasson in Uptown | Staff


A profile in which I talk about the genesis of YOU WON and getting started in comedy.

tfw logo.png

Comedians Weigh In: Is Our Culture Becoming Hyper Sensitive? | Staff

I'm one of several comedians talking about whether or not comedy audiences are becoming hypersensitive. (Spoiler: They aren't.)

UA trav logo.png

Comedy Competition Roars with Laughter | Theresa Niemczyk

After winning the competition the year before, I hosted the competition at the University of Arkansas.

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