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Sober Rabbit | February 17, 2023 "Fighting Demons"

Continuing from where we left off here.

First panel: Rabbit, wearing a mask, looks out towards the grocery courier as, above them, in Rabbit’s imagination, a Rabbit Demon with green eyes spreads their paws in a reconciliatory gesture at an Angel Rabbit.  “It’s harmless,” the demon says, “one Surf’s Up every now and then? It wasn’t ever their thing—“  The Angel cuts them off, “Don’t be an idiot - they drank their weight in Hard Lemonade in high school - plus the occasional malt beverage on the cheap!  Turning away, the Demon speaks towards Rabbit’s direction “That worst case scenario thinking isn’t helping them out any. Typical PTSD brain…”  In the next full page width panel, the Rabbit Demon — now in spooky psychedelic colors — swoops over Rabbit, who has eyes wide with fright and their paw to their mouth as if they’re scared AND thinking.  Next panel: Rabbit, back in reality, says to the courier “No, you should take ‘em. I don’t keep booze here.”  The courier, looking annoyed, says “Fair enough!” As they bend down to get the bags, off-screen.  Next panel: Rabbit, with their back to the viewer, is back inside. Above their head is a little health bar, like in a video game, with its meter down way low in a bright red color, as if they’re totally depleted. Wolf looks at them, concerned, and asks (in a very small word bubble) “u okay?”  Rabbit, with slight, crazed spirals around their eyes, stands just inside the door, holding two bags of groceries, and says “Yeah, I just… everything is exceedingly difficult. Like, I don’t even have to leave the house to be confronted with the kind of stuff I stay home to avoid. It’s all bit on the nose, really!”

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