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Sober Rabbit | Lost Weekend Pt I

It's 2014 and Rabbit doesn't have a lot going on...

A wavy banner at the top of this comic page says "Arkansas, 2014." It's a flashback.  Rabbit, with x’s over their eyes, showing they’re clearly drunk, is laying on a checkered linoleum floor, very drunk. A buzzing — indication with little wavy lines — has woken them up. They have several thoughts at once that overlap each other - “owww, the sound hurts,” “you should drink or you’re gonna barf, man” and an image of a beer can reminiscent of PBR… They think of a phone — the screen says Caller Unknown — and realize the phone is ringing.  Lifting their head up a little, they weakly say “hullo?”  In the next panel, a bird’s eye, architectural view: We see Rabbit in the kitchen and the phone is in the living room, some distance away.  In this view, Rabbit moves — as indicated by little dotted lines like on a treasure map — towards the living room where their phone buzzes.  Rabbit, flat on the ground, reaches for the phone.  They start to say “hh-“ when GIANT BUBBLE LETTERS OF DIALOGUE SAY “HAY GURL!”  Below the word bubble is a similar-looking rabbit with round glasses, blunt bangs, and a necklace with a crucifix on it. Waving behind her is a Texas flag, indicating where she is. She waves as if she sees Rabbit and they’re in the same room.  Her dialogue continues, “GUESS WHAT? YOUR FAV-O-RITE CUZ PICK US UP SOME MOTHA FUCKIN GOOD-ASS LAST MINUTE…”  The caller’s image — a smiling rabbit face with big hearts for eyes — takes up the entire page. Hearts and little circles and swirlies are around the text, indicating she’s extremely excited.  “ANNIE CLARK TICKETS.”  Back to reality: Rabbit’s cousin is standing there, holding the phone. She speaks to Rabbit, “Well? You free this Thursday?!”  Rabbit, still on the floor, now one eye open and not an x, as if they’re sobering up, is still belly down on the floor. Rabbit stares at the phone. “What?” Rabbit asks, totally confused.

I decided to break up the previously scheduled story line for a pleasant diversion -- a little flashback about a lost weekend.

As of this week, it's been a year since my dear cousin, Michelle, died and I've been trying to think of better times. Even if I am glad to be sober, it's okay to think about the fun drunk times from time to time. I'm luckily not at risk of repeating them right now.

Her friends -- now my friends -- have been sending nice messages and I know we're all thinking of her. Love ya, cousin.

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