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March 10 | Sober Rabbit - "Normal"

Brenda's back!

Comic panel: three views of Brenda, with a mask under her chin, as she stands alone holding a hot tea in a to-go cup. "Okay," she says aloud to no one. "Okay, okay..." She stands (her back to us) looking at one corner of a church, where the basement lights are on. "We're gonna go inside now," she says. Her word bubble is a little quavery, indicating that she's saying it with some fear in her voice. Inside, Brenda sits facing an alligator, who is speaking (but their word bubble is just scribbles inside, indicating Brenda's not listening), a panda, and Shelby the squirrel, who we know from earlier comics. The last panel is a close-up of Brenda's masked face. Her eyebrows are knit, as if she is worried. Her inner dialogue: "Everybody wants this to feel normal and it just doesn't."

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