Sober Rabbit

Sober Rabbit is a weekly webcomic published on Instagram and Facebook, every Wednesday-Friday. It's not for kids!


Here's some FAQs about the comic.


Where can you read it, you ask? 

While it looks best on Instagram, you can also read it on Facebook! Check out new updates Wednesday-Friday. Is that not enough for you?! Patreon patrons get special access to a bonus comic on Wednesdays, too! Eventually, I plan to host the comic here, but I'm not there yet!


Why a comic about a recovering alcoholic rabbit? Why online?

There are a lot of comics about getting sober, but not many about staying sober. Follow along as Rabbit, Brenda the Pigeon, Shelby the Squirrel and other animal friends try to find balance in their lives, all while dealing with subjects like substance abuse, eating disorders, mental illness, and more. I started a webcomic -- instead of a traditional graphic novel -- because I wanted to be able to draw something quickly and post it, so I wouldn't overthink and talk myself out of it. ;)

What's it all about?


I started Sober Rabbit in October 2019, looking to blow off some steam about 12 step meetings, self-help books, and the major life shift that is not coping via alcohol and drugs! Weeks later, I was walking to a show and was hit by a car. Because of my injuries, I had PLENTY of time to draw. In a short amount of time, Sober Rabbit shifted from a once-a-week, shoddily drawn, setup-punchline-style strip, drawn with my finger on an iPhone screen, to a multi-panel, slightly better drawn thrice weekly comic. Nowadays I draw the comic using Procreate for iPad with an Apple Pencil.


Do you sell paper issues of the comic?

Not yet! I'm working on A BOOK THOUGH. In the meantime: in addition to all the comics you can read for free on Instagram, I do have a free, 15 page comic available online, too. I have also published a coloring book featuring Sober Rabbit characters. You can buy it in my Big Cartel store or in Chicago at Quimby's! I also have lots of other merch, too.

Recurring Characters
Rabbit Headshot.png


Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
34 years old
Sober since 2016

The hero of this comic is a short, chubby, white rabbit in their mid-thirties. Moody and prone to being judgmental, Rabbit nonetheless has managed to stay sober. They live with their partner, Wolfie, on the north side of Chicago. Newly disabled from a car accident, Rabbit is trying to find balance (literally and figuratively) during the pandemic. They like milkshakes, reading, and being left alone.


I have two online stores! If you're curious about what's where, go here to see new items. But generally, Threadless includes print-to-order items (apparel, prints, accessories) and Big Cartel includes handmade and speciality items (original artwork and acrylic pins.)

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Have you heard of Patreon? It's a subscription platform where you can sign up to support your favorite artists on a monthly basis. My subscription tiers range from $3-20 a month. By subscribing, you'll help me focus on my own art, instead of freelancing for other people. Rewards include weekly updates, coloring pages, and -- at the highest tier -- artwork in the mail! Visit my Patreon to learn more about how it works!

Cover - WT.png

While I work on THE BOOK, enjoy this 15-page, standalone comic about my -- er -- RABBIT's teenage hijinks. This is -- thematically -- not unlike what you'll find in my forthcoming book.


All you need to know is that Sober Rabbit is just Rabbit in 2005, and anxious about starting community college. Rabbit's two best friends, Turtle and Possum, have wrangled a going away party, thrown by some older kids. What will happen at their last hurrah? Check it out!

Content warning: This comic includes some adult themes, like drug use, sex, and some scary imagery. It'd say it's PG-13, but you be the judge.

A note about readability: It is best read on a desktop or tablet! While you can zoom in, I don't recommend reading on your phone.

Further Reading
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University of Toronto student Meherzeen Daruwala used me as the subject of an assignment for school! Download the PDF here if you'd like to read the interview.

I've also been a guest on several podcasts where I talk about the creation of the comic and my feelings about recovery.

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To celebrate reaching 2k followers on Instagram, I wanted to share a FREE 10 page coloring booklet! Print this out -- or save it to your computer -- and color these spring-themed pages. If you post them on social media, please tag @soberrabbit on Instagram and Twitter, and @soberrabbitcomic on Facebook! ;)


I post free comics to Instagram and Facebook three days a week. If you like the comic, aren't a Patreon patron, and haven't bought any merch, but want to help it keep going, please consider donating! I'm a disabled freelance artist who could always use some extra scratch! If you'd rather use another donation format, go here.


I'm a freelance artist who primarily works in digital nowadays. If you want to learn more about what I can do, check out my highlight reel here. I regularly design merch for other people, show posters, podcast logos, and the like. If you'd like to hire me, email me please!