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Sober Rabbit

A Webcomic by Whitney Wasson

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Sober Rabbit is a comic about the substance-free hijinks of Rabbit, a stocky, white rabbit and recovering alcoholic in Chicago, and their attempt to get their shit together. Rabbit is joined by their best friend Brenda, a tall, anxious pigeon struggling with disordered eating and other animals like Shelby, a perpetually lovelorn squirrel who struggles to corral his sponsee, Artie, a stray chihuahua mix and aspiring sober influencer. 


While this comic is very cute, it is definitely for adults; while I do not write content warnings for my comics, readers may expect to read stories involving drug use, suicide, self-harm, violence of all kinds and regrettable, cringey drunk texts and karaoke.


Sober Rabbit was published on Instagram from 2019-2022 and will now live here! You're welcome to still follow me Instagram and Facebook for updates about store merch, links to interviews and news, and special events. I intend to update a few times a month!

This comic is a very personal project in that I'm writing from my own experiences about recovery, but it's grown to have a lovely community of devoted readers all over the world, 50+ Patreon patrons and an active fanbase of folks in recovery (and not) who have become my friends. If you've read my comics or bought them, thank you! Scroll down to learn more about latest news, the characters and more!

- Whitney

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Latest News

Sober Rabbit by Whitney Wasson
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Oh snap! I'm featured in the Reader! Check out this nice profile of me and Sober Rabbit by Jonah Nink:

"In December, three years and a pandemic later, Wasson released a comic book in print, Scars and Strips Forever, which highlights panels from Sober Rabbit’s Instagram posts and more. They said it was a rare opportunity to take a holistic look inward at how the series had progressed.


Rabbit’s adventures cover subjects ranging from death and grief to disability and LGBTQ+ relationships. Sober Rabbit strips are concerned mostly with daily struggles and small victories. Wasson says that giving an honest look at the recovery process was paramount."

In a wild stroke of luck, I'm also nominated for Best of Chicago in the Reader in three categories. 

Best Comics Writer - Whitney Wasson
Best Comics Illustrator - Whitney Wasson
Best Zine - "How To Be Sober" by Whitney Wasson

Visit the ballot page and click on Arts & Culture, then choose your favorites for each category. Best Comics Writer and Best Comics Illustrator are close together, then scroll down a bit for Best Zine.


If you're on a computer, you can also use the menu on the left to click directly on the type of nomination you want to vote on. I recommend taking some time to vote for all your favorites, because this sorta thing is great exposure for us artists, which as I understand is a valuable currency? Once you've made your selections, register and submit.


I'm tickled pink just to be nominated! Thanks for that! Polls close on 2/15!

Love getting to be in Comedy Gazelle, the best indie mag about Chicago comedy. Jerry does a great job rounding up good interviews, funny essays, local artists and I love seeing Tom Ryan's incredible cover art in each issue! Check out the latest issue for some comics and art from meee.

University of Toronto student Meherzeen Daruwala used me as the subject of an assignment for school! Download the PDF here if you'd like to read the interview.


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If you'd like to read the 2021-22 comics, you could start here!

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While I work on THE BOOK, enjoy this 15-page, standalone comic about my -- er -- RABBIT's teenage hijinks. This is -- thematically -- not unlike what you'll find in my forthcoming book.


All you need to know is that Sober Rabbit is just Rabbit in 2005, and anxious about starting community college. Rabbit's two best friends, Turtle and Possum, have wrangled a going away party, thrown by some older kids. What will happen at their last hurrah? Check it out!

Content warning: This comic includes some adult themes, like drug use, sex, and some scary imagery. It'd say it's PG-13, but you be the judge.

A note about readability: It is best read on a desktop or tablet! While you can zoom in, I don't recommend reading on your phone.


I have two online stores - Threadless, which is print-to-order apparel and accessories (printed and shipped by the Threadless team in Chicago) and Big Cartel, which is a virtual storefront for original art, acrylic pins and comics (packed and shipped by me!) Visit each store for links to categories of items.

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Nic and Book and Question Hound
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For any questions about shipping, gift wrapping, or wholesale orders, please email me before placing your order.


Have you heard of Patreon? It's a subscription platform where you can sign up to support your favorite artists on a monthly basis. My subscription tiers range from $3-20 a month. By subscribing, you'll help me focus on my own art, instead of freelancing for other people. Rewards include weekly comics, coloring pages, and -- at the highest tier -- artwork in the mail! NEW: Pay for a year subscription and get a big discount!


I post free comics to Instagram and Facebook three days a week. If you like the comic, aren't a Patreon patron, and haven't bought any merch, but want to help it keep going, please consider donating! I'm a disabled freelance artist who could always use some extra scratch! If you'd rather use another donation format, go here.


I'm a freelance artist who primarily works in digital nowadays. If you want to learn more about what I can do, check out my highlight reel here. I regularly design merch for other people, show posters, podcast logos, and the like. If you'd like to hire me, email me please!

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