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I sell a variety of accessories on Threadless! Special thanks to my beautiful models: Tyler (@tweetattyler), the entire Shattuck family, Em (@modafff), Mary, and Niecie. If you would like to model your Sober Rabbit wares, DM me on Instagram -- @soberrabbit

Some notes about shipping: Threadless is print to order company based in Chicago -- I am not personally fulfilling these orders, so I can't update you about its status. In my experience, due to COVID-related delays, items take about two weeks to ship. You'll receive an order confirmation and a shipping notice via email. The fine people at Threadless are great when it comes to shipping. If an item has arrived broken -- which can happen with coffee mugs, unfortunately -- or the clothing item you received is the wrong size, just respond to your order confirmation email or visit the Threadless website. Want a design on a different style of item? I'm happy to add new stuff as it's desired, so please email me.

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