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Commission Overview

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Hello! This is a page for prospective clients. I've been creating artwork for loved ones all the way to internet strangers for more than a decade! Below you'll find a price list, some commonly asked questions, and testimonials about my work.




Various / Vector art



Pet Portraits

8.5 x 11 / Digital only


Lytie Final 2.png

Couples Portrait

8.5 x 11 / Digital only


Keep Coming Back Poster

Social Media

Various / Digital only


Whatley Baby - PNG.png

Baby Portraits

8.5 x 11 / Digital only


Can you draw ________ for me?

Sure! I have drawn everything from tattoos to event posters to baby portraits! I am happy to draw something for you. This is just an overview of some of what I've worked on. I'm happy to offer an individual project quote and work with your budget. I'd much rather hear "I have $100 to spare for a gift, can you work with that?" than "What does _____ cost?" I've done poster and tattoo edits for $25-50; my usual price range is $150-300.

How does it work?

You send me several photos of your subject, noting any special details you want captured. I will draw a draft sketch of the portrait, send it to you, and if you approve, ask for half the payment up front as a deposit. I will fill out the sketch with color and send you a color draft. If that's right, I'll finish the details. If you have any edits throughout this process, I'll do them as you respond. I love specifics notes!

How will I receive the finished piece?

Once you have approved the final draft, I will email you a high-resolution file that you can print at home yourself or send to a printer. I'm happy to resize an image for multiple framing sizes, just let me know ahead of time if that's your plan. For example -- a portrait of multiple pets drawn in landscape (horizontal) may not lend itself to a small, vertical frame. 

How long does it take?

My past portraits have taken about two weeks, from start to finish. The longest took about a month. The more details you provide, the more I have to go off of. Most clients have one or two rounds of editing. Ideally, we're on the same page at the beginning and our correspondence is brief!

Why is there a deposit? Can I pay all at once?

If you prefer to pay up front, that's okay, too. Digital payment forms I accept: PayPal, Venmo, Zelle. If you want to split up the payment and commit to having a portrait drawn, that deposit holds your spot. I will talk with you, meet with you over Zoom if you like, and sketch and plan a lot before I receive any money. So once you're good to start, if you then get busy and can't commit to helping me finish the project, it pays for my time so far. (This happens sometimes -- no hard feelings!)

Why don't you do physical artwork that you can ship to me?

Because labor shortages due to the pandemic have caused a drop in quality in terms of shipping, I have had artwork (time-sensitive, one-of-a kind pieces) lost in the mail. It's so painful for me and the client to lose something that will take time and money to replace that I prefer to send you digital files that you can print. It's also an added value because if I create a portrait once, you could technically re-print and resize it as many times as you like!


"I have tears in my eyes from laughing. You nailed it!" - C., comic commission


"My wife gasped when we saw it. She was so surprised and moved. Thank you!" - W., baby portrait


"I burst out laughing - it's perfect." - L., comic commission

"Thank you for taking the time to draw her family. My friend was moved. " -T, family portrait

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