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My first coloring book is a send up of toxic positivity -- like the inspirational-manic tone of self-help books, but realistic! Eat some food! Take a nap! Calm down with the perfectionism! Because it has some drug use and cuss words, it is not for kiddos! It's 20 pages, printed on nice newsprint in Montana, and comes signed and numbered for the low low price of $25!


I have designed several acrylic pins. They're lighter than enamel pins, and thus less expensive! They're $12 each on my Big Cartel store. I have a small run of each printed, and provide some exclusive pins for my Patreon patrons. I do take requests!

Apparel & Accessories

Via Chicago-based t-shirt design company, Threadless, I have utilized their artist store platform to sell apparel and accessories. You can get my designs on everything from coffee mugs to phone cases. I love the color options and look of the store. You can search by item or use the Collections tab to search by character or theme. Check it out!

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