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I've lived in Chicago since 2015. After college, I moved here for theatre and art opportunities. Due to COVID-19 pausing live events, I have shifted from standup to working on comics and art sales. I freelance several long-term clients and currently serve as the marketing director for an innovative new theatre company.


As is true for many liberal arts degree-havers, I do a little bit of everything to stay afloat! 

  • Digital marketing: I created press releases for comedy producers, created websites for comedians, actors, and writers, and designed promotional materials for individuals and small businesses

  • Illustration: Beyond my weekly webcomic, I draw a variety of digital and hand drawn projects for other people, working digitally and in traditional media in a bright, colorful, cartoony style

  • Transcription: A former professional scribe, I continue to freelance for individuals and organizations. I am happy to share my resume upon request

  • Copy editing: I have edited events calendars, resumes, screenplays and more

  • Research: My interest in historical plays bleeds into a general love of history. I am currently assisting with a history-centric research project for a filmmaker.

  • Visit my LinkedIn for more details about my work history.


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