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Sober Rabbit is my ongoing webcomic, which updates Wednesday-Friday on Instagram. I'm working on a longer, darker story about the genesis of Rabbit's drinking and their first forays with sobriety and 12 step meetings. Learn more about the comic here. Read a standalone story here!

Sawdust is a comic I am sharing as a Patreon exclusive. Instead of finishing a comic and putting it out in the world, I'm sharing each page with my patrons as I draw them, so they can see how the sausage is made! These are unfinished but representative of the story -- two orphans escape their oppressive group home and find themselves living with a traveling circus. The comic will be in sepia tones initially, then burst into lush, vibrant color as Small Fry and his adopted sister fall in love with the circus. The story's climax will be based on the tragic 1918 Hammond, Indiana Circus Train Wreck. 

I'm also working on an untitled autobio book -- more text than art in places -- about gender identity and body dysmorphia that may eventually become a zine or something! Here are some planning sketches for that. I'm sharing this one with Patreon, as well. 

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Here's a cute commission for my friend Thao.

Their baby looks JUST like his dad, so she

asked me to draw a copy + paste situation!

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Here's a comic -- starring me!! -- about imposter syndrome. Just because someone has 500,000 likes doesn't mean that you suck and they're good! It just means everyone likes cute kittens lol

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Here's a silly homage to KC Green's legendary Question Hound comic, except it's Sober Rabbit. Sorry, KC! Too cute! Had to!!!