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Sober Rabbit

Sober Rabbit is my ongoing webcomic, best read on Instagram. I'm working on a longer, darker story about the genesis of Rabbit's drinking and their first forays with sobriety and 12 step meetings, which will hopefully turn into a book sometime in 2023! Learn more about the comic here. Click the comics below to read the full pages -- you can use the magnifying glass to zoom in. Sorry about my handwriting!!! Use the arrows to navigate! Follow me on social media for updates. If you wanna support me, check out my Patreon!


City Tails Cover.png

City Tails is a bonus comic I did for Patreon last year. Fast and loose, it isn't a perfect document but the point of my Sober Rabbit work is to finish stuff, not make it perfect. I'm still learning! This short comic is about moving to a new neighborhood, pandemic changes, and feeling isolated. Download a high-res PDF to read the whole story.


Farewell Party is the first, long-form, very autobio comic I did, serialized on Instagram. Because it had to be in that square format, you'll note there is a monotony in terms of paneling layout and no splash pages whatsoever! I wound up expanding the comic -- those parts were first shared on Patreon -- and these very adult themes (drug use, sexual violence, blacking out, etc.) will be the basis of my first book. Some of these characters can be found in the current "storyline" (as much as there is one!) that I am posting on Instagram. This is a flashback story. Click to download the entire PDF -- 15 pages.

Other Comics

Page 0.png

Sawdust is a comic I began working on for Patreon that has about 15 pages available to read now. I started uploading basically draft pages just so people could see what the idea is there, but I'm not ready to share any pages here just yet. The page on the left is the placeholder cover. Imagine the opening -- a faded circus poster, plastered over by newer ads, advertises a famous, sad clown...


Sawdust is the story of an orphaned boy who joins a circus. It combines my love of live performance, found photos, circus history, antique oddities (taxidermy, fake relics, outsider art), Chicago true crime, and -- going out on a limb here -- clowning and miming. It will span several decades and encompass a lot of (fictionalized, but based on real) Midwestern circus history.


As an independent artist, supported solely by freelance gigs and Patreon, I don't have the bandwidth to truly devote the proper energy to this yet, but I am hoping I can get a few pages a year because I think it's a great story. Indie comics publishers, hello! ;)


Ctrl C - Final.png

A comic commission! My dear friend Thao wanted a drawing of her baby, who is like a clone of her husband! The idea here is that she did a ctrl+c and ctrl+v = baby.

I tend to draw on the longer side of things so doing a four panel comic was fun!

If you didn't know, I'm always down to draw dogs and babies.

Lytie Final 2.png

A comic portrait commission! My friend Kristin wanted a portrait of her and her lovely partner, walking in a special spot.

I took their special spot and cartoonified (?) it, focusing on her and her partner, lit up by the late afternoon sun.

I'd love to do more comic portrait commissions, whether they're multi-panel or one page, so please email me if you'd like to collaborate!

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