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Sober Rabbit

Sober Rabbit is a comic about the substance-free hijinks of Rabbit, a moody rabbit and recovering alcoholic in Chicago, and their attempt to get their shit together. Rabbit is joined by their best friend Brenda, a tall, anxious pigeon struggling with disordered eating, as well as other animals like Shelby, a perpetually lovelorn squirrel and ex-heroin addict.


While this comic is very cute, it is definitely for adults; although I do not write content warnings for my comics, readers may expect to read stories involving drug use, suicide, self-harm, violence of all kinds and regrettable, cringey drunk texts.

Sober Rabbit was published on Instagram from 2019-2022 and will now live here! Give me a moment to get the full archive up, as it will take a while to add alt-text/descriptions! Check out my Instagram and Facebook for updates about store merch, links to interviews and news, and special events. I intend to update a few times a month!

I'm so pleased that it's grown to have a lovely community of devoted readers all over the world, 50+ Patreon patrons and an active fanbase of folks in recovery (and not) who have become my friends. If you've read my comics or bought them, thank you! Scroll down to learn more about latest news, the characters and more!

- Whitney

Latest Comic

Ope! It appears the comic is  having technical difficulties.

I'm migrating the comic here. Soon you will be able to read it chronologically and with more accessibility options! In the meantime, read the old comics on Instagram here.

You can also buy my comics at Howling Pages, Bendicion Sober Bar and Quimbys in Chicago and you're in New York, visit Beldame Books!

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Sober Rabbit Sundays
Bendicion Bottle Shop, 2540 W. Division in Chicago
Dec. 3, 10 & 17 | 1-5 p.m.
Masks Required


I'll be vending at Chicago's best NA bottle shop! I will have original artwork, POTTERY (!!!) and new comics, too.

Come say hi. Please note that because of door width and a step up, the venue is not yet wheelchair accessible.

Masks are required.

I'm an Award-Winner!

Best of Chicago Gold & Bronze, babyyyyy!

April 6, 2023: Holy crap, I won two things in the Chicago Reader Best of Chicago List! Here's what I won:

Best Comics Illustrator (Third Place)
Best Zine - "How to Be Sober" (First Place)

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! I'm tickled! See ya at the party in June, I suppose!!!! Congrats to the talented fellow comics peeps on the list!!!

Check out the whole list.


No Proof Podcast Interview

no proof with Joshua Gandee 


I had a great time talking with Columbus-basednon-alcoholic beverage profesh (and former comedian) Joshua Gandee talking about Sober Rabbit and the American obsession with drinking booze. Listen to this episode to learn more about the comic and how sometimes talking about recovery means talking about monotony and being (ugh) stable!!

No Proof Podcast with Joshua Gandee.png
Sober Rabbit by Whitney Wasson

Chicago Reader Interview

Oh snap! I'm featured in the Reader! Check out this nice profile of me and Sober Rabbit by Jonah Nink:

"In December, three years and a pandemic later, Wasson released a comic book in print, Scars and Strips Forever, which highlights panels from Sober Rabbit’s Instagram posts and more. They said it was a rare opportunity to take a holistic look inward at how the series had progressed.


Rabbit’s adventures cover subjects ranging from death and grief to disability and LGBTQ+ relationships. Sober Rabbit strips are concerned mostly with daily struggles and small victories. Wasson says that giving an honest look at the recovery process was paramount."


The Farewell Party

If you haven't read the comic before, you can start with this flashback story, The Farewell Party. This is an expansion of a comic I drew on Instagram. It's 15 pages and you can click through to read it. While you can zoom in on a phone, it's probably best to read it on a desktop.


Accessibility note: right now, it is not screen reader friendly. I'm working on this! Bear with me as I learn new programs. :)


About the story: It's 2005 and Sober Rabbit is actually just Bunny, a self-conscious and impressionable high school senior who is anxious about starting community college. Rabbit's two best friends, Turtle and Possum, have wrangled a going away party, thrown by some older kids. What will happen at their last hurrah?

Thematically, this is a lot like what I will be writing in my first long-form Sober Rabbit book, which I have been working on for a few years now.

Wait, where's the rest?!

I am in the midst of moving the comic from Instagram over here. Very soon, you'll be able to read the comic chronologically here! Whee!

In the meantime, you can catch up by going to Instagram and scrolling alllll the way down. (I know, I know - that's why it's moving here!)

Read Sober Rabbit on Instagram!

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Print Comics, Minis & Zines

How To Be Sober Zine

This silly, positive 10 page mini-comic is about the in's and out's of navigating sobriety when you're new. They're small! 5 x 5"-ish (guessing here) multi-color card stock booklet, held together with cute brads. Each one is hand cut and bound by me, so no two comics are alike. Get it on Big Cartel.

April 6, 2023 update: I won Best Zine in the 'Reader! Wow!!!!


Nic and Book and Question Hound

Scars and Strips Forever

It’s the first Sober Rabbit comic! This standard size, 24 page comic book includes highlights from the @soberrabbit Instagram from 2019-2022, plus a new 6 page intro about Rabbit's first foray into 12 step meetings.


It’s a great introduction to the comic and a colorful, cute book to leave on your coffee table so people will think you’re interesting.


Professionally printed in Schaumburg by Mixam, this comic will last a long time!!

Want me to sign it and doodle something cute? Let me know in the order notes. Get it on Big Cartel!


How to be Sad Comic about Grief and Loss in Recovery_Sober Rabbit Comic_Chicago Comics_Gri

How to Be Sad Mini-Comic

How to be Sad is a primer about grief and loss. Follow Rabbit as they lose half a dozen friends and family members in three years and figure out ways to cope and stay sober.

This mini-comic covers difficult topics like suicide, gender dysphoria, financial instability and other unpleasant things. It's also funny, of course. These are hand bound by yours truly, so each one is unique!

Also available in person in Chicago at Bendicion Dry Bar or Howling Pages! Get it on Big Cartel.

Sober Rabbit Anxiety Workbook/Coloring Book

The Sober Rabbit Workbook for Working Out Some Stuff (SRWfWOSS for short) is a 20 page workbook for the anxious adult in your life. It will entertain a person in your life who is trying to get their sh*t together for about an hour or two.


Each page has an activity or affirmation to work on. Use a pencil -- or take it it apart and copy pages -- if you'd like to do the activities over again. It's a great gift for sober people in your life or just folks you know are working on their anxiety.

Get it for yourself or get it in a pointed way to let someone know that they have stuff to work out. For more stuff like this, visit

Also available in person in Chicago at Bendicion Dry Bar! Get it on Big Cartel.



I have two online stores - Threadless, which is print-to-order apparel and accessories (printed and shipped by the Threadless team in Chicago) and Big Cartel, which is a virtual storefront for original art, acrylic pins and comics (packed and shipped by me!) Visit each store for links to categories of items. For any questions about shipping, gift wrapping, or wholesale orders, please email me before placing your order. If you like my merch and want me to design yours, check out more samples here.



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Have you heard of Patreon? It's a subscription platform where you can sign up to support your favorite artists on a monthly basis. My subscription tiers range from $3-20 a month. By subscribing, you'll help me focus on my own art, instead of freelancing for other people. Rewards include weekly comics, coloring pages, and -- at the highest tier -- artwork in the mail! NEW: Pay for a year subscription and get a big discount! Check out the Patreon page to learn more.

Hire Me!

I'm a freelance cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer, among other things! I've drawn everything from logos to show posters to tattoos. I'm open for commissions. Email me or use the contact form below!

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Thank you! I'll be in touch soon. - Whitney

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